Prayer list

Prayer Concerns of Kirbyville United Methodist Church
As of April 08, 2022

 Our Nation;   Afghanistan Situation,  Southern Border Crisis

Lord, by Your Word and Spirit, enliighten my understanding, purify my desires, and stremgthen every right purpose in me. Amen

Prayers Needed: Please contact the Prayer Team below
Janis Tilley 658-4868
Jackie Paschall 423-4368
Barbara Janac  423-9137

UMC Family
Sandy Hicks
Tami Horn
Nancy Moorehead
Mackenzie Peterson
Bob Tilley

Extended Family
Bryce Barbabosa
Scott Chandler
Heather Coleman
John Concienne
Charles Droddy
Jacob & Misty Fairchild
Brittany Gregerson
Melissa Hemphill
Bryan Henderson
Andy Horn
Jena Horn
Van Hunt
Sherry Knighton
Charles McCauley
Roy Meni
Seth Pendergraft
Ardis Peterson
Ken & Linda Robinson
Gloria Sheldon
Keith Tilley
Darlene & Jerry Vines
Linsi Warren


Community & Friends
Zechariah Beck
Fran Bellows
Mona Bishop
Jackie Brewer
Nick & Eileen Burton
Leon Clark, Sr.
Lillie Clark
Carol Sue Clemen
Carolyn Cowart
Lynette Daigle
Sue Fussell
Junior Hall
Kathleen Harvey
Matt Horn
Steve Jones
Paul Kent
Charlie & Glenda Leflett
Sally Miller
Damon Pfaltzgraf
Steve Scoggins
Lyndy Shackleford
Cooney Smith
Lenell Smith
bJulia Stewart
Rhonda Thrasher
Jerry & Linda Vinson
Woodie Woodruff
Robert & Paulette Woods
Sherrell Young

Family of Kay Reddoch
Family of Mary Stanley

Community Concerns
All Cancer Patients
All Caregivers
All Residents & Employees of Avalon Place
Alzheimer & Cancer Research
Food Ministries
Students, Parents, & School


Body of Christ Concerns
All the Persecuted
Our Neighborhoods
The Sins of the Church

Kirbyville Church of Christ

***Names will be removed after four weeks if no update is received!!***