Prayer list

Prayer Concerns of Kirbyville United Methodist Church
As of September 12, 2021

 Our Nation;   Afghanistan Situation

Lord, I pray for my Christian brothers and sisters who face fierce opposition because of their faith.  Encourage, comfort, and deliver them soon, according to Your will. Amen

Prayers Needed: Please contact the Prayer Team below
Janis Tilley 658-4868
Jackie Paschall 423-4368
Barbara Janac  423-9137

UMC Family
Judy Adams
Laura Adams
Laura Aguilar
Melody Aguilar
Rev. Rick Aguilar
Bee Burkett
Susan & Lester Hemphill
Sandy Hicks
Tami Horn
Bill Johnson
Nancy Moorehead
Bill Peterson
Mackenzie Peterson


Extended Family
Harold Acord
Ery Aguilar
 Evie Bakker
Mark Bean
Ross Cole
John Concienne
Jacob & Misty Fairchild
Melissa Scoggins Franks
Brittany Gregerson
Bryan Henderson
Carolyn Herrin
Andy Horn
Jena Horn
Jordan Jones
Charles McCauley
Nehemiah Melchor
Lizbeth Morales
Seth Pendergraft
Linda Pilgrim
Braxton Piwonka
Ken & Linda Robinson
Colton Sutton
T.J. Van Auken
Darlene & Jerry Vines
Linsi Warren


Community & Friends
Cheryl Barrera
Zechariah Beck
Mona Bishop
Jackie Brewer
Carolyn Caldwell
Bob Chandler
Steve Coleman
Lynette Daigle
Katie Beth Harvey
Kathleen Harvey
Mary Beth & Roland Jones
Bill Mahaffey
Kathy McDonald
Brooke Moffett
Dr. Jerry Neff
Melody Rodriguez
Julia  Stewart
Steve Tarver
Ellis Thomas
Jerry Vinson
Dianne Wiley
Glenn Vosburg
Woodie Woodruff
Sherrell Young

Family of Zachary Fairchild
Family of Pat Kirbow
Family of Bill Vincent

Debbie Breaux
Ramsey Dominy
Katie Beth Harvey
Jackie Paschall
Diane Smith
Bob Tilley

Community Concerns
All Cancer Patients
All Caregivers
All Residents & Employees of Avalon Place
Alzheimer & Cancer Research
Food Ministries
Students, Parents, & School


Body of Christ Concerns
All the Persecuted
Our Neighborhoods
The Sins of the Church

Central Baptist Church

***Names will be removed after four weeks if no update is received!!***